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Help in Your Job Search

Finding your way in today’s job market can be confusing.  Work with an Employment Consultant to help you figure out what employers want and how to target them.  Your Employment Consultant will provide you the resources to help you build or enhance your resume as well as improve your job interview skills.

More confidence, better opportunities.

  • Did you know there are programs available to help and support you in your job search?
  • Did you know you may qualify for financial assistance to go back to school to start a new career?
  • Have a business idea? There is help available while you get your business off the ground by providing you the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to achieve success in developing self-employment or launching an enterprise

Going Back to School?

Starting over in a new career? Want to start your own business? Employment Ontario offers the Better Jobs Ontario program to retrain you for new career. You could receive up to $28,000 for two years of schooling.

Starting Your Own Business?

Have a great idea for a small business but need help in marketing it and creating a business plan? The Ontario Self Employment Benefit (OSEB) program could be just what you need.

Are you looking for employment opportunities?

We offer a variety of services to help you get your career on track:

  • Employment and Career Exploration
  • Access to employment opportunities within the hidden job market
  • Access to employers through onsite/offsite hiring events and job fairs
  • Coaching & mentoring throughout your job search and your employment
  • Job Placement assistance to help you to integrate back into the workforce
  • Guidance and assistance in accessing education and training
  • Assessment and referral to Better Jobs Ontario and other Employment Ontario funded programs
  • Access to other community based programs and services

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