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YSB / :ITO2.0 Employment Services

For over 10 years, YSB / :ITO2.0 has been Ottawa's lead service provider of Knowledge Based Labour Market Intelligence as well as specialized Career / Training Strategies bridging the skills gap between industry employers and High Tech job seekers.

YSB / :ITO2.0 provides a wide variety of services to both employers as well as job seekers including Labour Market Intelligence, Labour Force Adjustment, Outplacement, Career Transition Services, Industry Recruitment and Career Event Services.

YSB / :ITO2.0 Insight and Research:

The  YSB / :ITO2.0 Labour Market Intelligence gathering model examines the evolution of technologies, their impact on business and the correlation to labour market requirements. The model is also designed to continuously examine the state of current workforce skills and their marketability.

The YSB / :ITO2.0 information gathering model is comprised of:
  • Business Analysis of the Global, National and Local Tech Industry
  • Sector and Sub Sector analysis of Technology Products and Vendors
  • Industry Skill Requirement Surveys
  • Analysis of worker skills and competencies
  • Analysis of Educational / Training Curricula

 Quick Facts:

  • YSB / :ITO2.0 LMI services have been utilized by more than 15,000 High Tech Job Seekers
  • YSB / :ITO2.0 has been providing talent to more than 800 technology and government employers including RIM, Alcatel, IBM, Revenue Canada, CGI, General Dynamics, OZ Optics, March Networks, Smart Technology, Wesley Clover, Calian and many others.
  • YSB / :ITO2.0 Career Events have been attended by more than 6,000 clients and 150 Industry Employers
  • YSB / :ITO2.0 has provided adjustment and outplacement services to several multi-national tech firms including Nortel and Dell.
  • In 2008 - 2009 YSB / :ITO2.0 Learning resources were accessed by more than 2000 clients through approximately 600 industry specific certification courses.
  • YSB / :ITO2.0 receives more than 1,000 high tech job orders annually

Currently YSB / :ITO2.0 is providing services to more than 2,000 clients with various levels of skill, including directors, managers, software developers and engineering professionals. YSB / :ITO2.0 services are also utilized by new grads and youth who have chosen a career path targeting the high technology and other related industries.

Our Centres:

YSB / :ITO2.0

301 Moodie Drive, Suite 203
Kanata, Ontario K2H 9C4
Tel: 613-688-0440

YSB Employment Services

1355 Bank Street, Suite 703
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 8K7
Tel: 613-236-8244